Maxwell Group has come a long way since its inception to become one of the most trusted business houses of the country. Throughout its journey it never forgot its commitment to the society and kept them involved in various social undertakings as part of their social responsibilities.

Maxwell Group and TAS Group , formed KNC Foundation and Fatiha Foundation to carter the responsibilities under a institutionalised shape , under the foundation there are several projects to name few we have free schooling for under privileged students, free daily food support to the students and there families, monthly sadakha scheme, monthly etim batha, yearly blanket donation , yearly circumcision scheme, monthly medicine supply, monthly grocery supply to under privileged families and many more.

Our primary aim is to improve the quality of life across the board with special emphasis on rural society. We also undertake other social development works like hygienic sanitation, safe drinking water, monetary assistance for education, marriage religious and charitable institutions etc.

Provides Education to more than





Circumcision per year



Madrashas & Atim Khanas

Free Education & Tiffin to more than



Monthly Grocery Supply to more then


Under previleged Families

Free Treatment to more than


Outdoor patients