Maxwell Group (MG) is a top-line conglomerate in Bangladesh with a vision to pursue excellence in the world of business and commerce. Founded in 1980 the company has grown from a single business corporation to a multi-industry company.

Over the years, through ups and downs the company today has become a well known name in the daily lives of the people. Our products, our commitments and our promise in delivering value addition to the personal and commercial sector of Bangladesh marks our growing presence.

We have a vision to become the biggest conglomerate in Bangladesh delivering excellence in all our operating sectors and bringing Bangladesh to the world.


We are the future! With burgeoning consumer demand in local and international markets we are the result to your search of a reliable solution to your needs. Our company is a one-stop shopping destination for many of your personal and commercial needs. We deliver a comprehensive solution to your social, financial, educational and medical needs.


We view business as a journey to a new beginning, a new relationship, a new commitment, an era of new innovation, and the search for a new hope towards pursuing excellence.


Our Mission is to produce and provide quality & innovative products and services in all our operating segments while maintaining prudent ethical standards and ensuring benefit to the shareholders, stakeholders and the society at large


Our objectives are to conduct transparent business operations based on market mechanisms within the legal & social framework with aims to attain the mission reflected by our vision.