Autokap Bricks Ltd


AutoKap Bricks Limited (AutoKap), situated in Bhulam Kalampur, Dhamrai, Dhaka is a joint venture between KAPITA and a group of high profile investors. AutoKap will go into commercial production in September 2011. Being the primary construction material in Bangladesh, the demand for bricks has been substantially rising over the past decade. Seasonal production and primitive technology have been putting a strain on construction in Bangladesh in terms of availability, price fluctuations, and quality. Furthermore, the current technology employed in the industry is extremely inefficient, utilizing a disproportionate amount of agricultural land and causing significant air pollution. In fact, the current brick industry is the number one air pollutant in Bangladesh

AutoKap is the second step in becoming the leading manufacturer of clay-fired building materials in Bangladesh. The experiences and the research carried out by KAB are represented in AutoKap, making it the most modern, modified manufacturing unit of clay-fired products in Bangladesh. Once in operation, it will be producing 30 million fired bricks and brick products annually. The manufacturing unit utilizes state-of-the-art molding, drying, and firing technology. The technology automates much of the production process and vastly improves the quality of bricks, increasing raw material, and fuel efficiency while significantly reducing the impact on the environment. Furthermore, the technology employed will enable AutoKap to produce a variety of bricks (different shapes, sizes, and colors, including hollow bricks).